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 Barbera 2015 case price $300.00/bottle$25.00/Glass $8.00

Grape source: Sierra Foothills/Durham Aged in french oak 3 years Fruity, Flavorful, Floral, with tastes of blackberry and black current, light tannins

Petite Syrah 2015
Case price $276.00/bottle $23.00/Glass $8.00
Grape Source: Sierra Foothills, Browns Valley
Aged in Oak for 28 months
Flavors of black pepper, blackberries, blueberries, spice and licorice.
The full bodied mouth feel envelopes the senses, leaving a powerful impression.
The wine finishes with brawny tannins, softened only just slightly by notes of freshly baked blueberry pie, vanilla, nutmeg and the desire to take another sip.  

Little Red Panties 2015  (Kate's Red Blend)
Case price $300.00/Bottle $25.00/Glass $8.00
Aged in Oak for 20 months
Little Red Panties (Kate’s Blend)  is a soft, supple, seductive and provocative Red Blend of 4 varietals.  It starts with a gentle bouquet of berries and spice.  A swirl of the glass reveals long slender legs and a ruby red color.  The little Red Panties invade your mouth with flavors of dark fruit, cherries, cloves and black pepper. The body is exciting and permeates your imagination.  The tannins are surprisingly supple but lingering as a faint vanilla conflicts your mouth with dark chocolate.

Bastard Child 2015 (Red Blend)
Case price $300.00/Bottle $25.00/Glass $8.00
Grape Source, Sierra Foothills
Aged in Oak 20 months
Fresh, Floral Fruity, and smooth
Two Italian Varietals that obviously love each other  

Bed Rock N Red 2014 (Red Blend) Sold out

Case price $300.00/Bottle $25.00/ Glass $8.00

Named after Bed Rock Park this blend is very fruit forward with a finishing hint of dark  current, black berry and pepper

Cabernet Savignon 2015 Bold Red
Case price$276.00/Bottle $23.00/Glass $8.00
Grape Source, Murphy's, Calaveras County
A full bodied red

 Pinot Noir 2013 Sold out
Case price$252.00/ Bottle $21.00/Glass $8.00
Grape Source, Santa Clara County
Aged in Oak for 12 months
Light, silky and fruity.  Smell and taste of raspberries, strawberries and plum jam, with a suggestion of sweetness.

 Grenache 2014 sold out
Case price $240.00/Bottle $ 20.00/Glass 6.00
Grape Source, Santa Clara County
Aged in French oak for 18 months
Fruity, Flavorful, Flora, with tastes of blackberry and black current, Light Tannins

 Merlot 2015
Case price $252.00/Bottle $21.00/Glass $7.00
Grape Source, Sierra Foothills (Dobbins)
Aged in oak for 22 months
Black cherry and gentle hints of dark chocolate invade your mouth.

Syrah 2014
Case price $276.00/Bottle $ 23.00/ Glass $8.00
Grape Source, Sierra Foothills, Browns Valley
Aged in Oak for 24 months
Full-bodied wine with fruity, spicy overtones.  Tends towards minerally, blueberry, or spicy and peppery flavor.

Viognior 2013 (White) (sold out)
Case price $216.00/Bottle $18.00/Glass $6.00
Grape source Sierra Foothills
Aged in Oak 18 months
Honey suckle notes, with fruit flavors, peach, apricot, nectarine, as well as a nice spice component that can be described as baking spices.  On the palate you will find it to be typically fuller bodied. 

Moscato 2014 (Dry White) Sold Out
Case price $216.00/Bottle $18.00/Glass $6.00
Grape source, El Dorado Hills
Aged in stainless 6 months
Aromas of peach blossom.  Flavor is accompanied by fresh apricot and white peach fruit on the palate.  Lingering notes of rose petal on the finish.

 Sparkling Wine (White)
Case price $240.00/Bottle $20.00/Glass $8.00
Dry, Crisp, fruity and refreshing

 Roussanne (White) Case Price $228.00/Bottle $19.00/glass $7.00

A white wine grape grown originally in the Rhône wine region in France.  Very crisp with a distinct aroma of earthy smoke. This wine has aged so well in the bottle, it seems to get better and better each day.

Savignon Blanc (White) Case price 276.00/Bottle 23.00/glass 7.00

Dry, crisp and refreshing, this is a great summer wine.

My Sweet Child (Syrah Port) Case 360.00/bottle 30.00/ glass 8.00

The ultimate port to sip or with dessert, over ice cream, so yummy





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